Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Made it to the land of Oz!

Hello all! Now that Google knows I'm not a blogging auzzie terrorist, I can successfully give ya'll the update on here rather than on FB.  Brad and I had no issues whatsoever in making the return from Mexico to Vancouver, then Vancouver to Auckland, then Auckland to Melbourne. No bags were lost and we were spoiled on the last leg with first class service...it's going to be hard to travel economy again.  We have had so much help in getting started since we arrived in Ballarat, Victoria, and I am so grateful to all of those individuals that have helped us so far.  We stayed awake just long enough on Australia Day to watch the fireworks from our front balcony over looking Lake Wendouree..such a good welcome.

My school is new and it is an incredible space to work in.  It's hot! Stinking hot in the Senior wing, but it has 18ft ceilings and crazy colourful cushions, huge working spaces and open classes to work in...each child will have their own ipad or tablet this year.  The student population is twice as many as at Tuc-el-Nuit and the staff is triple in size.  So far I know I'll miss our custodians at home as I need to get stuck in and do a bit of dusting, but I think I'll find the time with four planning blocks a week, possibly five depending on the jobs I take on within the school.  We have one more planning day tomorrow, then the students arrive on Thursday.  I couldn't ask for a more energetic, cooperative, and helpful Senior Unit Team!

In the mornings I have been enjoying coffee with the local birds.  I put seed in the bird feeders on our back patio and a parrot stopped by. Yep, a parrot...not deer or cougars or bears...a parrot.

I'll write more in a few days.  Brad and I are busy planning our weekends and breaks. So much more adventure ahead!

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