Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Place your bets! What are the odds of making such great mates?

 Our most recent two week break allowed us some time to explore Victoria and a few of it's highlights.  What we ended up with was yet another glorious holiday, celebrated with family and new friends.

 Aunty Jacky and Uncle Steve hosted us for the first night of our holiday which we timed with a reunion with Aunty Rowan and her brood.  Stories of Brad at six years of age surfaced and many laughs were had.

 Chinatown in Melbourne possesses beautiful colours down it's lanes,

 and some cheeky signs that required deep contemplation.

 Did you know there were so many varieties of eggs? The Victorian Market has heaps to choose from,

and the same goes for seafood. Brad and I we treated to an apartment in South Melbourne for the week which had a full kitchen.  Needless to say, we made good use of it and all the fresh ingredients that the market provided.

 Oh, we didn't always cook.  Why would you with Melbourne being acclaimed for it's 'foodies'?  The lanes in this busy city are a labyrinth of shops and delectable cafes.  Breakfast on Degraves is a must! 

The architecture in Melbourne is intriguing and beautiful.  Buildings, such as these two, stand in stark contrast with the old and new directly across the street from one another.

Had to be the tourist and visit the city's museum and we are so happy we did.

This particular instillation, "Bunjil's Wings" within the First Peoples exhibit left a lasting impression on both Brad and I.  It is almost mechanical puppetry that chronicles the creation of countries. Absolutely memorizing.

And then this happened! July 1st, Canada Day in Melbourne is a night we will not soon forget.  Two of my colleagues, Danni and Jess, joined us.  The intent was for them to show us the city at night, but in the end they became honorary Canadians, complete with Fireball, axe throwing, poutine, and Caesar's.

Brad met his brother from another mother.  It was love at first hongi (traditional Moari greeting).  We became fast friends with Jimmy, a kiwi, and his girlfriend Nicole, a Canadian and didn't want to end the night there.

So we carried on down to the Mornington Peninsula where they hosted us for a few nights! 

They showed us the ins and outs of Race Day at the Caulfield Race Track, and we came out ahead.

After wine tasting, horse racing, and gorging ourselves on Jimmy's cooking, we made our way south to Churchill Island and Phillip Island.

Cape Barren Geese, rare in Victoria.

Highland Cattle

Such a cute calf.

Our hosts on Phillip Island were Nick and Kylie and their daughters, who have recently returned from a year teaching exchange in New Brunswick.  They are a wonderful family who played tour guide, and took us to see the penguins.  Every night, hundreds of penguins return to this island sanctuary, which is viewed by thousands of tourists.

Penguin homes created to ensure a safe haven for each bird and their young.

The view from the top of the hill which is closed off during the return of the penguins.  In the distance is the amphitheater where we sat and watched them come in.

This little guy is only about eight inches tall.

Sights around Phillip Island.

Our next big adventure is in the works, but should include a real outback trip complete with swags. 


  1. Oh my gosh this blog was such a good idea! I love reading about your adventures and seeing your beautiful pics!! Happy (almost) Birthday, Julie! xo

  2. Aw thanks Jules, and thanks again for all your help with it, and feedback.