Monday, 10 February 2014

A whirlwind weekend along the windy winding Great Ocean Road

So this is how our road trip to 'Apollo Bay' started.  Google map your start point and destination and you never know which route you'll end up on.  Gravel road and kilometers of farmland as far as the eye could see.  We were laughing pretty hard at this point but just kept going with it.
Not long after the long deserted gravel road we find ourselves on a narrow winding road through Great Otway National Park, full of almost lush greenery.  It's supposed to be stunning when its not in drought.
When we arrived at our wonderful(SACRASM a plenty) accommodation, we dropped our bags and made a bee line for Torquay.  Julie quickly sniffed out the factory outlet stores and we were off.  Cheap surf boards from Quicksilver and Ripcurl, $100 wetsuits, boardshorts 2 for $50, $10 rashies and $20 bikinis had us occupied for a while.  Actually we have to go back!  We needed to get to...

SUPER RUGBY.  Yes it was only preseason but it was great to see some quality rugby being played.  Most of the big guns were there, Savea brothers and Scott Higginbotham, etc., but no Conrad Smith.  The Hurricanes ended up coming up short but it allowed the crowd to leave happy.  Saw this little guy too,
That's a Harlequin jersey if you weren't sure.

The next day, after we spent a night in our closet, I mean room with a view of the building next door, we hit the road.  The Great Ocean Road.  First stop according to my navigator was
I had know idea why we were stopping here only that I would be able to see some Apostles.  Well I did and I didn't know how high above sea level the road was until I went down the stairs carved into the side of the cliff.
It was described to me as much quieter than the 12 Apostles car park which we stopped at just down the highway.  Although there you did not have access to the water so if you wanted to dip your toes in the ocean it had to be here at Gibson steps.
She seems surprised its not luke warm.  "Its okay Honey, the Arctic is just a little way over there".  Haha.

Its pretty awesome even if it does happen to be windy as heck and overcast threatening rain.
Just watch your step,

The Arch
London Bridge
Actually used to be attached to the mainland via a land bridge which collapsed back in 1990 and stranded a couple of people on the island for a couple of hours until a helicopter came and got them.  How cool would that be!

While we are on our trip we are endeavoring to try new things and that opportunity came via dinner.



  1. Great to see you guys living it up right away! Just a reminder. It's 1 degree and raining here. Good move you two. Funny and beautiful shots. Keep the stories coming.

  2. "You may fall and DIE" haha no mincing words there. How did the kangaroo taste? Beautiful photos of the Apostles. Are you on instagram? I am obsessed. If so, add me: kelseydo and post more amazing pics like these!
    Miss you! Love Kelsey

  3. Hi Kelsey! No, no instagram, but we post the best. Miss you too, enjoy the blog!