Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sunday morning sleep in

Good morning! One week has flown by and I can only imagine how fast this year will go too.  For our first weekend excursion Brad and I took the train to Melbourne so that I could go shopping for teacher clothes.  I brought enough with me, however I quickly realized that they would be too hot for the classroom.  I'm in a new building, but it doesn't have a/c. It's not unbearable, but it gets hot.  We're expecting highs into the high 30's this week and it should remain hot until mid March.  The view from the train is spectacular, country for miles.

For my teaching colleagues at home this school would be a dream... Most reading levels of my year six class are at about year ten, the atmosphere is like Tribes but Tribes on steroids... I know it's been only a week so I am interested to see how the year plays out when challenges arise between students. I have been given the role of Social and Emotional Wellness Coordinator (I think that's the title), a big job but they seem to think I'm well suited for the role.  Essentially I check in on kids who's parents have recently divorced or experienced other difficult situations, then send them on to others if needed.  They've also given me one extra block of time so that I can do the job.  I've been told that they will try to get me on every possible excursion with the senior unit, including Sovereign Hill, Geelong Waterpark, the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, etc., etc.

I've attached pictures of our staff development day.  We met on the lake for a morning of Thai Chi and saw my first Black Swans.  Needless to say I am overwhelmed with happiness and feel very supported.

Next weekend Brad is looking forward to exhibition rugby in Geelong.  Today Brad and I are off to a BBQ for international teachers past and present.  I have yet to see a Kangaroo! Maybe today...

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